2009 TKA Bands last field performance



The final performance for the TKA band.


ǿ ģ ģ Jillian. ׸


ģ ۳ ģ - Joshi


Happi YiHappi Yi *sigh*that was my last high school field show.......Great job today, everyone!`

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Cassie March Cassie March   You were AWESOME Happi!!!!! :D  November 13 at 11:09pm

Kathy Taecker Kathy Taecker   fantastic job Happi!! The band did great and so did you!    November 13 at 11:49pm

Katie Nice Katie Nice  crazyyyyy. November 13 at 11:53pm

Richard Giese Richard Giese   the sweetest music you've brought to tka the last 4 years has always come from your effervescent, sincere, in-your- face soul. It's got nothing to do with directing musical instruments. (although you do that pretty good, too.)  November 14 at 7:33am

Aaron Yi Aaron Yi   it's weird isn't it   November 14 at 7:33am

Lauren Lee Lauren Lee  but you'll go on to bigger and better things, although you made the knights brigade pretty awesome.  November 14 at 9:46am

Sarah Maresh Sarah Maresh   I heard it was really good! Congrats!  November 14 at 10:44am

Will Dickman Will Dickman   We had the same thing!! AAAHHH!  November 14 at 12:10pm

Sanghee Yi Sanghee Yi  I was soooooooooooooooo impressed with the field show!!! what a proud moment!!! I love you all, Knights Brigade!!!!  November 14 at 1:39pm

Liz Velichko Liz Velichko   You were FANTASTIC!  November 14 at 1:52pm

Clifford Gee Clifford Gee   Anyone get video?   November 14 at 11:45pm

Happi Yi Happi Yi i think mr van bockel did.... November 15 at 1:42pm

Rhonda Irwin Rhonda Irwin   I so loved your salute, and your senior salutes!  November 15 at 9:59pm