Day after Thanks Giving.



Traditionally, this is the biggest retail shopping day in U.S.

Instead of going shopping, our family decided to pitch in for some worthy-while cause.

Working with MOM (Messenger of Mercy) organization on their fund raising effort by selling some donated clothing.


Everything for $5.00 – whatever is sold, goes toward the mission funds for MOM.


And whatever is left over will be reserved for NK mission and other various short-tern missions.


Many of friends came out to help sort out these cloth in size and color and …. whatever.


Boxes and boxes of these had to be sorted and hung in proper place for people to look thru.


This room alone took 5 ladies and 4 hrs of labor of love.


Our model for sweater line of clothing.  And the vest under it… Bryan and his son Dosan came to help.


There were donations of 80 boxes of these new clothing.  – and more are in the pipeline to be shipped.



Aaron and Dosan had to move these boxes out side so that folks who came to buy can go thru and pick out what they want.


After the work, Aaron and Dosan taking break in the tree like monkeys in the wild.



You would have to look very close to find them.


Here they are.