2016 Elk Hunt – Hualapai

Oct. 14 – 18, 2016

As an extension of the BTDT project in Hualapai, this trip ended up with many FIRST for me.  They werent planned ahead, but worked out perfectly.

Most grateful for the Hualapai Nation for the opportunity to hunt in the Grandest place on earth.  Also, the friendship of those natives who took me into their home and culture were much appreciated.

It was a very first time where I drove my own vehicle in the Grand Canyon.  There was a mix-up where my hunting guide was not assigned to me when I showed up.  Thus they gave me a special permit to roam around by myself.  Although Ive hunted around this area for over a dozen years, knowing the details of the place was impossible.  However I took the chance of going out there on my own for the very first time with the risk of getting lost.

It was a first time for the Toyota Land Cruiser to be on the off-road situation.
Very first time for me to spot an Elk on my own without the aid of the professional guide.
Also the first time for me to take a shot – 350 plus yards – distance, without a guide next to me.
First time to field dress the animal and quartered it out. Stilled ended with 18 lbs of the back strap and 45 lbs (each) of hind legs as well as 30 lbs of front leg – the other front leg took the blunt of the bullet which ended up hitting the heart.   And, very first time I harvested the IVORY from the Elk.