Deer Hunt – 2017

Nov. 2017
Hualapai Indian Reservation

Got me a tag for Javalina hunt in Hualapai – got skunked. Actually, my friend/guide/partner, Robert got me within 30 yards of a huge Javalina, and I choked; choked BIG time. 
This is what happened. I was resting/napping in my car after I accidentally rubbed some jalapeno peppers into my eyes during lunch – no fun at all. Robert asked me if I wanted to go for a walk… I followed him. Within a minute or so of walking, he motions me that there are Javalinas. 

Robert – there is a Big Ass Javalina right there.
Me – where?
Robert – you can shoot it right there.
Me – where? This side of the water or that side of the water?
Robert – right there.
Me – where…. 
Robert – the huge Javalina right there.
Me – huh? Where? Oh there – dang that is a BIG one.

Next 15 seconds were the longest 15 seconds in my life; my eyes were still burning
my left shoulder was too weak to support the weight of my rifle.
scope was set at 9 instead of usual 6 – could not find the target.
found the target, pull the trigger, but safety was on.
moved to my right about 3 yards and setup my bipod and start over. 
scope still set to 9, heck of time trying to get the cross-hair on the target.
found it. So close and big, it fills up the entire scope.
pull the trigger, the safety still on – Dang.
unlock the safety, target moves around the tree, I follow…. see two more Javalinas.
I setup, looking thru my scope, by this time, they are much faster than I – Hunt is over.

On the other hand, within an hour into actual hunt, Robert stops the truck, I follow assuming he was going for a walk. A few minutes into walking, he sees something, I don’t. He shoots and starts walking faster for 10 more minutes. Takes another shot, standing, off of his shoulder; then continues walking for several more minutes. He walks much faster and about 100 yards ahead, he calmly says, “ya I got him”… Dang.
About 200 lb, 5x4 and 26.5” wide rack – Good Buck.