Nate’s 30th Birthday Party

2018 2 24 ()

주형이가 사고쳤다 여자친구가 도와주고

자신의 30번째 생일 잔치를 자그마한 극장을 빌려 친구들을 불러 코메디를 하고 마시고, 먹고, 떠드는 것까지는 좋았는데 잔치에 오려면 후원금을 먼저 내고 자리를 예약해야 한다

나중에 알고보니 모아진 전액($2,022.70) 자동으로 CityTeam이라는 무숙자 센터에 헌금됐다그리고 센터에 담당자가 나와서 간증까지 시키고

코메디 내용은 자기 가족을 대상으로그런데 나는 중간에 잠이 들어서 내용을 들었음.  낮에 너무나 힘든 막노동 (통나무 조각) 해서 나도 모르게 쿨쿨자고 일어나니 끝이 났음.






·        Ari HwangHappy Birthday Nathan!!! From Ari and Hyunjun from Sujin’s church2 days ago$40.00

·        Yeerang ShinHappy 21th birthday Nathan! :D3 days ago$20.60

·        Christina KangHappy 30th! We getting old together3 days ago$61.80

·        Douglas ChungHeh heh hehhh3 days ago

·        Shawn & Aruna Jolly3 days ago$41.20

·        Alejandro Krasovsky3 days ago$20.60

·        Adel Ahn3 days ago$20.00

·        Grace Choi5 days ago$50.00

·        Douglas FreshHappy bday ya filthy animal5 days ago$20.00

·        Anonymous5 days ago

·        Aracely Payan5 days ago$20.60

·        Maria MunizGood luck at your show!5 days ago

·        Chanwoong ChoiHappy bday, dude. Best of luck on stand up debut!6 days ago

·        Martell MaloneHappy birthday man, see you on Saturday.6 days ago$20.60

·        Mwika MwaleHappy birthday Nathan, see you Saturday6 days ago$20.60

·        SooMin YoonHAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN6 days ago$20.60

·        Maryanne ConnellHappy Birthday Nathan!1 week ago$20.60

·        Rachel KungYou da best1 week ago$20.60

·        Kevin Lamhappy birthday dude!1 week ago$20.60

·        Gahee Kang1 week ago$20.60

·        Richard JerchaCan't wait to watch the comedy event of the year. Hbd Nathan!1 week ago$20.60

·        Peter ParkHappy birthday!!1 week ago$20.60

·        Kevin Pan1 week ago$20.60

·        Caleb RosadoAlways happy to support41472 weeks ago$61.80

·        Singchia SextonHere’s to CityTeam and one hell of a standup comedy routine from my favorite older brother! Ann2 weeks ago$20.60

·        Fiona Xie2 weeks ago$40.00

·        Kevin SeoHappy Birthday Nathan, see ya soon!2 weeks ago$41.20

·        Silvia ChangHappy birthday Nathan!!2 weeks ago$51.50

·        Kevin WangHappy Birthday Nathan! Bringing Joanne with me.2 weeks ago$41.20

·        Anonymous2 weeks ago

·        Seung-Min ChaeFor 22 weeks ago$41.20

·        Philip Kim2 weeks ago$51.50

·        Jihwai Kim3 weeks ago$20.60

·        Chris & Karen ChengHappy birthday,Nathan! We're so sorry we can't make it, but we wish you the best!3 weeks ago$30.90

·        Debbie Kim3 weeks ago

·        Da Sel ChoHello! Can you please seat me next to Julie? Thanks!4 weeks ago$20.60

·        Meen Cho:]4 weeks ago$103.00

·        Raashi Bhatia4 weeks ago

·        Joan AngHappy birthday, Nathan! Glad Sujin convinced you to keep your full time job, and help you with this comedy dream with family and friends. I already made plans that day but would have loved to go, so please share a video after the event! Will be supporting4 weeks ago$51.50

·        Michelle LeeHappy birthday, Nathan! Excited to celebrate with you :) Love, Eric & Michelle5 weeks ago$51.50

·        Michelle LimHappy birthday Nathan! I can't go but good luck with your debut!5 weeks ago$20.60

·        AnonymousLast month$20.60

·        Jane BarmoreHappy birthday, Nathan!! Us Barmores will be with you in spirit! I will for sure be tuning in and probably be face-palming the whole time.Last month$50.00

·        Cindy WangThis cause and event sound awesome! You're amazing!Last month$41.20

·        Christina HsiangHappy B! For me and +1.Last month$41.20

·        Rachel ChouLast month

·        Min SquaredWe are looking forward to this amazing show, MC Nathan! Min^2Last month$61.80

·        Suk Hoon KimLast month$20.60

·        Daisy TaoLast month

·        Duet SalonLast month

·        Julie KimLast month

·        Lanhee LeeLast month$103.00

·        A&K Computers, Inc.Celebrating 20 yrs. of ministry w. CityTeamLast month$103.00


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If you could join us to celebrate Nathan's 30th birthday by listening to his dad jokes, it would be the greatest pleasure and excitement for Nathan Yi. You know it. If you are not excited for his stories, jokes and whatever (like his friends roasting him?), you should still come out to support him & his charity! If this is still not a good enough reason to come out, there will be adult beverages.🍷🍺🥂 All proceeds will go to the charity as well.

Door will open and beverages will be served starting at 6:30 pm.

(1) How to buy tickets
Tickets are sold for as a $20 per person donation to City Team San Jose.
Step 1: Donate here
Make sure to *check*
️Show my name
Step 2: Send Sujin or Nathan a message to RSVP and reserve your admission/"ticket".

(2) Seating
There are 65 seats total in the theater. First come first serve! 

Reserved VIP seats are sold for donation of $30 or more. These are front row seats with marble topped cabaret tables. (Great for your drinks 😝)If you are interested in these seats, contact Sujin or Nathan. (Only one more VIP seat available as of January 25th!) 

Lastly, for out-of-town friends & family and those who cannot make it to the event, you can still support Nathan for a successful debut by donating. We'll be streaming the entire event on Facebook Live for those that cannot make it here physically! We're not sure how to Facebook Live, so stay tuned for details. He loves you and appreciates it sincerely. 

Ms. Key
PR Manager

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Nathan at

Hope to see you at the event!