Mexico – Fishing 2016

Aug 30 – Sep 3, 2016

One of my clients offered to take me fishing down in Mexico Baja and I took him up on it. Within a month of that offering, I was on my way down there¡¦



First meal in Mexico include a Calif Roll.  I guess Japanese had some influence in Mexican culture as well.


Interesting fish¡¦. It was only $10, but carrying back would¡¯ve been a spiky proposition.  The name of the streets around the town says it all about what makes this town tick¡¦ J


The view from Jose¡¯s room is simply incredible.


Hanging around the town¡¦

Early morning view from my room.  Launching the boat ¡°Lucky Raton¡± and then have the transmission cable break on us.  Had to tow it back in.  On the way back to switch the boat, we ran into a full size cow.  It was a scary experience.  


After getting hooked up with a new boat, in about 90 min period I caught multiple fishes.  Never knew how easy fishing was¡¦  little did I know, Jose tipped the captain pretty well.  He helped me by backing up the boat, so that I didn¡¯t have to fight the fish all by myself¡¦  J


Second dinner in Mexico included some very HOT peppers.


Thomas invited us out on his 35¡¯ Cabo.  He is originally from Calif.  Used to sell locks to schools and prison and then specialized doors for the prison – we exchanged some fun stories of doing business with state prison.


This boat takes over 400 Gallons of diesel – easily $1,500 where daily minimum wage is less than $6 per day.  Each short fishing trip takes about 100 gallons.


Was told that 2 month ago, the Dorado Hunt contest winner netted 4x4 Toyota Truck with 12.6 lb and mine was over 30 lb.  Definitely a beginner¡¯s luck.  As we always say, ¡®better to be lucky than be good any day¡¯¡¦. I have to agree.


At the ¡°Bayview¡± restaurant.  Our third dinner in Mexico included tuna sashimi¡¦ it was good and only $10.  Next time, I¡¯ll just have the multiple sashimi dishes.


Breakfast at the ¡°El Viejo¡± (Old Man)¡¦.  Had multiple types of tacos.  Fish, Shrimp, Scallop and Clam Taco.  


The drink was very special – don¡¯t remember the name of it.  It was a tea of some kind.


They even have their own news papers for the White Folks living in the area.


Because I caught enough fishes to take home, we spent the 4th day ATVing around the town.


Visited one of Jose¡¯s friend¡¯s house.  Jim was from Zimbabwe.  He didn¡¯t have too much love for colored folks.  His house was going for $2 million, had it¡¯s own private bar and of course, the beach.  


Stopped by to have a freshly squeezed lemonade¡¦ and it was heavenly. The bartender¡¯s name was Tony.


This is the restaurant Jose¡¯s friend works as a head cook.


My dish was ¡°Killer Burrito¡± and Jose had ¡°Burger Steak¡±


My experience in Mexico was simply beautiful.  How can you go wrong when you are walking around with horses¡¦ 


Jose is true fisherman. He has been fishing all his life; that explains why and how I was able to catch all my fishes first time around.


The traffic down in San Jose San Lucas was just as bad as in San Jose, Calif.


Ended up upgrading my ticket to the First Class for $50, because it was cheaper to upgrade and get the free shipping of the fish than to pay for it separately.   The in-flight food was also pretty good.